Adoption in Québec

Montérégie Youth Centre offers two different adoption programs:


Regular adoption 

A child may be adopted when their biological parents have signed a general consent to adoption.


AdoptionParents who want to adopt a child must:

  • be comfortable talking openly with the child about their adoption background;
  • be open to helping the child re-establish contact with their birth parents, if the child so wishes;
  • be open to meeting the birth parent(s) if they specify this when signing the general consent to adoption.

Adoptive families will automatically be assigned a social worker until the legal adoption process has ended.


Adoption by a permanent foster family

A child whose chances of returning home are slim may be taken in by a permanent foster family. The child may eventually be adopted.


The parents in a permanent foster home must agree to:

  • foster a child for whom adoption is a possibility, but not a certainty;
  • co-operate with all caseworkers involved with the child;
  • participate in the intervention plan;
  • allow a link between the child and their biological parent to be maintained as long as the youth court orders it.

Permanent foster families are subject to the same requirements as regular foster families. They sign a specific agreement and will receive follow-up in relation to the services provided to the child entrusted to them.


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