How to proceed

Public information session 

This half-day meeting is aimed at anyone who wants to get information about adoption. It provides general and legal information regarding the two adoption possibilities: regular adoption and permanent foster families.

The meetings are held as needed. There are generally 12 per year.

To register, call 450 928-4718.


Submitting your application

To adopt a child, you must contact us at 450 928-4718.


Pre-selection interview

The pre-selection interview helps determine whether there are any major factors that may hinder parents’ plans for adoption.


Awareness-raising session

Awareness-raising sessions are aimed at preparing applicants for taking in a child with a history of abandonment and neglect. They consist of two days of clinical discussions led by the department’s caseworkers following the pre-selection interview.


Psychosocial competence assessment

The psychosocial competence assessment is carried out by caseworkers from Montérégie Youth Centre’s adoption department.

Various topics are covered during the assessment:

  • The parents’ reasons for wanting to adopt;
  • The candidates’ personal histories;
  • The conjugal and/or family history;
  • Aptitudes for becoming adoptive parents and/or a permanent foster family.

After the assessment, the Youth Centre will match a child with the most appropriate adoptive parents in order to provide a living situation that is in the child’s best interests.


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