A foster family’s commitments

famille d'accueilTo be ready to foster one or more children, the foster family must commit to:

  • devoting time and energy to a baby, a child or teenager and meet their specific needs for affection, attention and care.
  • providing a safe, stable, warm and stimulating place to live in the short, medium or long term.
  • being able to treat the child they foster just like any other member of the family.
  • being able to accept that the child has had a difficult life, and that this may be reflected in their behaviour.
  • being able to provide quality services in the best interests of the child, using recognized practices and respecting the law and regulations.
  • being available and willing to work with the child’s natural parents, caseworkers from the Youth Centre and other professionals or specialists.
  • being ready to facilitate the child’s return to their natural family, if applicable, or the child’s transfer to another place that is appropriate to their needs.


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