Clinical programs

The young people who receive services from the Youth Centre face various complex problems. Clinical programs specific to these main issues make it possible for us to provide the services best suited to the needs of each young person.

Designed using the latest targeted research and conclusive data from clinical studies, these programs serve as reference tools for all of our caseworkers.

Here are Montérégie Youth Centre’s programs:

  • Core clinical programs
  • Ensemble pour les familles (Together for families) – Neglect intervention
  • Ensemble pour le jeune et ses parents (Together for young people and their parents) – Behavioural problem intervention
  • Devenir responsable dans sa communauté (Taking responsibility in your community) – Delinquency intervention
    • Module – Street gangs
    • Module and directory – Delinquency among girls
    • Module and directory – Young sex offenders
  • Grandir en paix, sans crainte, ni coups (Growing up in peace without fear or violence) – Family violence intervention
  • Apprivoiser les différences (Understanding differences) – Mental health and conduct disorder intervention
  • Pour chaque jeune, un lien, un lieu pour s’épanouir (For every young person, a connection, a place to thrive) – Abandonment intervention

A number of projects also enable us to provide high-quality services tailored to young people’s specific needs:

  • Apprendre autrement (Learning in New Ways)
  • J’ai 17 ans, j’ai mon plan (I’m 17 and I’ve Got a Plan)
  • Je tisse des liens gagnants (I’m Building Winning Connections)
  • Ma famille, ma communauté (My Family, My Community)
  • Mobilis : Contrer l’affiliation des jeunes aux gangs de rue (Mobilis: Preventing Young People from Joining Street Gangs)
  • Ensuring Qualification and Independence Program (EQIP)


  • Reseau Social
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