Better together (Je tisse des liens gagnants)

I’m Building Winning Connections is the fruit of collaborative work between Montérégie Youth Centre and the region’s CSSSs.

The project offers services to parents and children living in a context of neglect. These services are provided in five areas:

  • Individualized family follow-up and participatory needs-analysis for the child and his or her family;
  • Direct work with children;
  • Group meetings for parents;
  • Group activities provided by a community organization partnered with the program;
  • Support for parents, under the responsibility of the community organization partnered with the program.

I’m Building Winning Connections is the outcome of in-depth work using the latest knowledge in the area of child neglect. The program expects families to actively contribute to seeking out solutions in order to adequately meet their children’s needs. I’m Building Winning Connections also emphasizes the importance of mobilizing the social and community network around more vulnerable families to help them find help and support.


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