Ensuring Qualification and Independence Program (EQIP)

The Ensuring Qualification and Independence Program (EQIP) is for young people aged 16 and over who have specific needs when it comes to preparing for their transition to adult life. They have vulnerabilities that will hinder them on their social and professional path if they don’t get individual help beyond the regular services provided by youth centres to overcome the obstacles facing them in independent living.

The program aims to prevent the marginalization of young people from youth centres when they reach the age of majority and leave youth protection services. EQIP aims to boost these young people’s chances of gradually undertaking a socially acceptable life project.

We work toward three goals:

Developing support and assistance networks around young people coming out of youth centres

  • The young person builds ties with significant people in various spheres of his or her life. The educator assists with a personalized transfer toward people and resources that can help provide continuity of support in the young person’s adult life.

Preparing and supervising program participants’ transition to living independently

  • The young person develops skills in various areas of independent living: everyday life tasks, housing, money management, social skills, personal care and more.

Help 75% of young people enter the job market or get an education

  • Young people develop skills and aptitudes to use as they embark on their social and professional path.


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