My Family, My Community

My Family, My Community is a project initiated by the Association des centres jeunesse du Québec (ACJQ) and underwritten by Avenir d’enfants. It’s inspired by the Family-to-Family model developed by the Annie E. Casey Foundation and used in many U.S. states with the aim of better supporting vulnerable children and families within their communities by fostering the development and reinforcement of local partnerships.

Through community involvement with vulnerable families, the project seeks to:

  • reduce the number of children placed in foster homes;
  • encourage placements where siblings are kept together;
  • increase placements located near the family home;
  • reduce the duration of foster care;
  • reduce the number of moves from one foster home to another;
  • increase the number of successfully completed family reintegrations.

The target clientele is children aged from birth to 5 who are at risk of foster placement or moves, or at the family reintegration stage. These children’s families, as well as local community groups, are also called on as part of this approach.


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