Mobilis: Preventing Young People from Joining Street Gangs

Thanks to the Mobilis project, Montérégie Youth Centre works with many adolescents who are witnesses to, victims of or affiliated with street gangs. The project’s caseworkers specialize in this field and support the development and implementation of best practices to work against gangs’ impacts on young people.

Criminal gangs exert a major influence on some young people, and may lead to young women being sexually exploited. Montérégie Youth Centre has developed expertise in the realm of sexual exploitation. Each year the Youth Centre staff identify some 100 girls, 20% of whom are under the age of 14, as being exploited or at serious risk of joining street gangs. These young girls are not aware that they’re being manipulated and drawn into rings where they will be assaulted, exploited and sometimes sold to other rings.

Mobilis was created in partnership with the Agglomération de Longueuil police department. Investigators and analysts work with clinical counsellors at the Youth Centre to focus on the problem and put into place the necessary intervention and deterrence measures.

Mobilis provides information, training and consulting services in priority to employees of Montérégie Youth Centre. The caseworkers and other organizations that provide services to youth in the region can also benefit from our expertise.

Learn about the awards received by the Mobilis project.


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