Serious behavioural problems

Serious behavioural problems are when a child behaves, in a serious or continued manner, in a way that damages their own physical or psychological well-being or that of others, and their parents do not take the necessary action to end the situation. Another instance of serious behavioural problems is when the child is aged 14 or over and opposes any action that the parents do take to end this type of situation.


Some signs:

  • The child isolates themself constantly (e.g.: passivity, lack of friends, keeps to themselves);
  • The child often shows uncontrollable aggression and violence;
  • The child abuses drugs or alcohol, or has compulsive gambling problems;
  • The child self-mutilates;
  • The child exhibits suicidal behaviour;
  • The child adopts problematic physical behaviour (e.g.: anorexia, bulimia);
  • The child exhibits inappropriate or risky sexual behaviour;
  • The child runs away from home regularly;
  • The child engages in bullying or persistent intimidation;
  • The child spends time with people who are a negative influence and aggravate their behavioural problems;
  • The parents impose personal limits (e.g.: excessive permissiveness, inconsistency, rigidity);
  • The parents deny or minimize the situation;
  • The parents have given up on dealing with their child’s behaviour.


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