Adoption disclosure and reunification

RetrouvaillesAdoption disclosure (family history and search for adoption papers) is available for anyone who was adopted (an “adoptee”) and wishes to obtain the information in his or her adoption file.

Reunification is available for both the adoptee and the biological parent who wants reunification.

Both services are available to people who were involved in an adoption in Montérégie.

What to do

All requests must be made ​​by phone at 450 928-4737.

Before your request can be processed, copies of your identification will be required.

The process

  • Requests are usually processed according to the date of registration.
  • Each adoptee, regardless of the service requested, will first receive a summary of his or her medical history.
  • With regard to reunification, we look first for the individuals involved in the request, ie, the adoptee or the biological parent(s). Reunification can take place only if both parties agree.


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