Services for children and teenagers

Enfance et adoServices for children and teenagers are offered under the Youth Protection Act (YPA) to young people aged from birth to 17.

They are intended to:

  • resolve the difficulties experienced by the family that have caused the situation and prevent their recurrence;
  • address the family issues that youth experiencing difficulties most often face (neglect, abuse, violence, abandonment and behavioural disorders);
  • strengthen the social and adaptive skills of youth facing difficulties;
  • reinforce parenting skills and abilities so that parents properly assume their responsibilities and meet their children’s and/or adolescents’ needs;
  • reduce the impacts of family issues on the development of troubled youth;
  • in cases where young people cannot remain with their family, help them to grow up with a measure of stability in foster care;
  • with respect to services provided to teenagers, the psychosocial caseworker will work to facilitate the transition to adulthood, if necessary.


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