Outpatient rehabilitation service centres

In outpatient rehabilitation service centres, a team of educators, working in conjunction with psychosocial caseworkers, offers a wide range of services.

These services include:

  • interventions in crisis situations to prevent the placement of young people in foster care or support a return to their home environment following a placement;
  • group interventions based on our clinical programs for youth or their parents;
  • individualized support as part of an intervention plan;
  • the Ensuring Qualification and Independence Program (EQIP) program which provides a long-term intervention (may be prolonged after the majority age if necessary) to support the transition to adult life.

For youth aged 10 to 19:

  • with severe behavioural problems;
  • being seen by a psychosocial caseworker;
  • motivated by an outpatient readaptation process;
  • functional in their home environment or in foster care with the support and supervision of services offered by the Youth Centre.


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