Youth Protection

DPJThe Direction de la protection de la jeunesse oversees the application of the Youth Protection Act.

The DPJ:


  • receives all reports concerning children who may be in need of protection;
  • evaluates each of these children’s situations and makes decisions to ensure their protection;
  • ensures that the interests of these children are safeguarded in accordance with their rights.

The DPJ intervenes to protect children when their safety or development is compromised. The DPJ intervenes primarily in situations where a child is:

  • abandoned;
  • neglected;
  • psychologically abused;
  • sexually abused;
  • physically abused;
  • experiencing serious behavioural problems;
  • at serious risk of neglect or sexual or physical abuse.

For more information about the DPJ and how to make a report, visit Reporting a situation to the DPJ.


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