Montérégie Youth Centre provides specialized services to troubled youth aged from birth to 18 years and their families.

Montérégie Youth Centre’s mission is to:


Montérégie Youth Centre has a specific mandate to intervene when the safety of a young person or that of society is at risk and the minimum conditions for the child’s development are not being met.


Montérégie Youth Centre is responsible for treating severe, complex and persistent psychosocial adjustment problems that require specialized and sustained clinical intervention.

Contribute to prevention and promotion

By taking early and appropriate action, we help prevent the recurrence and aggravation of social adjustment problems. By sharing our skills and expertise with our partners and working with them as they intervene with vulnerable populations, we help prevent the onset of problems in a number of risk groups.

Contribute to the understanding of problems

We maintain close and constant contact with our partners in order to share our respective knowledge on intervention issues and methods. We work with the research and educational communities to develop our know-how, skills and expertise.



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